Mobile Service

We provide service in-house and on-site, depending on the particular watercraft and service needed. Call (207) 255-3392 for more information.

Some (but not all) of our service locations include:

Addison, Alexander, Baring, Beals, Beddington, Bucks Harbor, Calais, Centerville, Charlette, Chase Mills, Cherryfield, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Cooper, Cutler, Danforth, Deblois, Dennysville, East Machias, East Steuben, Eastport, Edmunds, Epping, Grand Lake Stream. Harrington, Indian River, Jonesboro, Jonesport, Little Machias, Lowe Beddington, Lower Beddington, Lower Dennysville, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Marshville, Meddybemps, Milbridge, Milltown, North Cutler, North Lubec, North Perry, North Trescott, Northfield, Pembroke, Perry, Pleasant Point, Princeton, Quoddy, Robbinson, Roques Bluffs, Whiting, Whitneyville,Woodland.